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On the trimmed grass of the running field, Macha waits for you. A goddess of the earth, of abundance and vitality, She cries out through these troubled times and begs you to remember. She calls you back to the earth, to your bones, to your soul, and the champion you were born to be. Will you run for Her?

Join Jennifer Lynn on January 25, 2020, on Zoom for this day-long workshop in Celtic shamanism. Log-in details will be provided once your registration is complete. You do not need to have an account with Zoom to attend the seminar.

Running for Macha is intended for those already trained in basic shamanic journey technique. Attendance for the full day and some work in pairs is required.

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Register your place in the circle on Eventbrite or contact Jennifer directly by email or telephone (314) 702-3770.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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And just like that… I am a beach girl once again. The salt haze, the rolling waves, and the deep thrumming of the sea soothe my soul and whisper, “Welcome Home.”

#oceanlivingagain #blessedisthemystery

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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“Let the Goddess strip you bare…”

This was the first advice I ever received from a Tree Spirit. On that cold, almost-winter day in Minnesota, I shivered in the biting wind and leaned against the tree’s broad trunk for shelter. I remember wondering if the trees ever felt cold.

A guttural laugh shook my inner awareness before that deep voice rolled through me. “Let the Goddess strip you bare. Only then can you see the Beauty hidden within you.”

That was almost twenty years ago. But for the past week, that voice has been rumbling through me anew. It reminds me to slow down, to let go of what my head thinks might be good for me and to come Home to my heart. It begs me to seek within my Oran Croí, my Heart Song, the Beauty my soul longs still to sing into the world.



Blessings upon you, upon your emptying, and upon the Beauty about to shine from within you.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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