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Earlier this year I discovered an online journal celebrating the myths and legends of the Greek tradition, Mythraeum.com. Exploring the website, I stumbled upon an advertisement for a contest the editor was running—a short story based on the Daphne myth. You know, the one about the River Spirit who catches Apollo’s eye and heart then becomes a laurel tree to escape His love. Reading the words on the webpage, a smile spread slowly across my face. For I heard Bree MacLeod whisper, “We can write that.”


In response, a 3,000-word story called “Shaking the Tree” was born. I submitted it to Mythraeum in March and am delighted to announce the story received an honorable mention!


If you have never heard of Mythraeum.com, I encourage you to click over and stop by for a visit. You won’t be disappointed. While you are there, check out Bree MacLeod’s story, Shaking the Tree.


Blessed is the Mystery.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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Peace and long life… Jennifer

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