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The Time In Between

Happy Samhain Eve. Today marks the end of the Celtic year, by the solar or calendar’s reckoning. Astrological Samhain, the midpoint between the autumn equinox past and the winter solstice to come, stands ahead of us still, waiting to open the door fully on the new.

Until we step through that door, we walk in what my Ancestors call the Days of Elder, the time in between time when endings and beginnings swirl around each other. These are also the days of choice, the time for choosing what to let go of, to release back to the fires of neutralization, and what to carry with you into the new year.

Peace be upon you in your walking. Peace be upon you in your choosing. Peace be with us all as we walk through that door.

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Peace and long life… Jennifer

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Join me this Sunday, 6 October at 2 pm in Marquette A at the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Illinois, for a glimpse into the many Indo-European faces of the mystic. Writers, Seekers, and the just plain curious are welcome!

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Peace and long life… Jennifer

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A Moment of Choice

Above us, the eye of the Goddess opens anew. As it begins to wax towards the coming full moon, it carries us into the closing days of Lughnasadh and the end of another Turning.

The year, as reckoned on the Celtic Wheel, draws to a close. The harvest is in, or soon will be. The gifts of this year are now tangible, perhaps even tastable. The light seeded within us at winter solstice, so long ago, stands before us now in form, manifest. We can look back and track its progression from potential, through birth and growth, to what it is now.

And we are changed from the experience. The gift of this harvest, of this year, is reshaping us, even now.

But this Turning is ending. The imperative that has carried us from Samhain to now is sinking with the sun out of sight. Soon it will release us completely. It will leave us, drifting with the tides, to await the arrival of Samhain and the birth of the new imperative for the coming year.

What is the choice that will carry you through those drifting tides, through the Days of Elder and into the new Turning? What is the vision, the song, the Truth that guides your soul through the days of uncertainty and into the new?

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Peace and long life… Jennifer

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