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Shine white light into a prism, and a rainbow emerges. Suddenly, where once was only white, now dance red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet… The prism does not create the colored light. No, the colors were there, unseen within the white light. Place another prism within the path of that rainbow, and white light will shine anew.

Each colored ray of that rainbow is unique. Each color vibrates to its own, unique frequency, flows in its unique wave. Each color then offers an experience different from the others, a perspective characterized by its uniqueness. Life through the lens of the slower red ray would seem very different from life through the lens of the faster blue ray. Yet, they are all light. Trace any one ray of colored light back to its source, and you return to white light.

…Many perspectives… one Source.

Each lens offers perspective, another glimpse of the truth inherent in the whole. Each color is but one pathway, one way of walking, one way of discovering the whole. While each color offers the gift of learning, the pathway itself is only a doorway. The true destination is always the whole.

…Many perspectives… one Source.

“#87: Integration”
365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao

Be still to know the absolute.
Be active to know the outer.
The two spring from the same source,
All of life is one whole.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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