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by Jennifer L. Jacoby


Eyes closed to the physical, I follow my breath,
Inhale, pause, exhale… heart beat… inhale, pause, exhale…
Twenty pairs of eyes open and the All I see.

In blankets of Night, Sister Moon is wrapped, dreaming.
Lulled in Gaea’s song She finds rest and rebirth.
With a sigh, She stirs and opens Her eye to see.

Leaves of green dance and play, rocked upon branches
Swaying in the summer breeze. Nestled in the forest,
I sigh with the trees and wonder, what do they see?

Some called them witches, the Stygian sisters three;
Tending the cauldron, they knew darkness eternal;
Through the eye, the I, the Endless One, they could see.

Shadows swirl within the crystal, set alight by
Candle flame. In life’s Pattern, she seeks the answer,
Gazes deeply to Silence and Truth… there… “I see…”

The light illumines so brightly, it can blind to
All but its grace. Remember the Moon. Let Her soft
Opaqueness free you, Chiya; close your eyes and see.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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