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by Jennifer L. Jacoby


The sun wanes, dying anew to darkness. Released
To earth, life slumbers, bathed in Owl’s tender song.
Nestled deep in Mother’s heart, Bear dreams of freedom.

The sway of silver bells dancing in the moonlight,
Half-hidden faces illumined in the flame, wrapped
In colors of blood, the song calls us to freedom.

The warmth of the bonfire frees truth from silent
Hearts; the spark reignites by Hestia’s loving kiss.
In the dancing of the flame the soul knows freedom.

Water sluices across the rock face, etching it
Anew. In the flow memory yields to becoming
As the Dreaming reshapes the world in freedom.

The song quickens, awakening destiny to
Flow. Sheltered in Her conch shell, the soul rises from
The foam, born on a sacred journey through freedom.

Bear turns in her slumber as I rise with last night’s
Embers in the dawn. In silv’ry tones Raven sings…
Chiya… every moment, every breath is freedom.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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