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Look within a flower and you find a world, thriving… waterways, cellular continents, networks of communication. This world, a microcosm of the macrocosm, pulsates with the dance of earth, water and fire. From its microcosmic world the flower breathes, exhaling its scent into the macrocosm.

The world awakens within…

Look within the waters and you find a world of molecules and atoms, a dance of partners twirling endlessly, flowing from partner to partner in their unique pattern across their microcosmic floor.

The world awakens within…

Imagine the world you can find when you look within your soul.

In Her Arms
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Harvest is over; the turning empties with the
Moon. Stripped bare like the fields, we gather in the grove
To seek a beginning, to renew in Her arms.

Salmon swims, tickling my feet in the shallows;
Hazels sing in the breeze, soothing the pool and my soul;
Breathing deep into earth, I find grace in Her arms.

Crane spreads Her wings, reshaping me in Her dance as
Dragon breathes: You are dreaming. Spiraling with the
Flame, Raven sings: We all awaken in Her arms.

The moon finds me deep in winter’s slumber, adrift
In a sea of shadows; lost, caught in the Dreaming.
Leaning into the light, I find peace in Her arms.

New life nuzzles, guided by love to drink the milk
Of the mother. Thirst draws us to the loving elixir;
Always, all ways, we are babes in Her arms.

Tonight the grove is empty; its silence echoes
In my soul. Drinking me down to earth, the trees
Whisper:  New life begins here, Chiya, in Her arms.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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