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The Dreaming
by Jennifer Lynn


Gaea sleeps, hands caressing Her swelling belly;
Sun and Moon dance spiraling through silvery stars,
Winter snows and summer blossoms keep Her dreaming.

Footsteps spiral, trace life lines upon the earth. With
Oak, Ash and Rowan we blessed the sacred circle.
In the grove we knew nurture, or were we dreaming?

The oracle sings no more. Her temple in ruins,
Her people long scattered across the ninth wave,
High on the tor, only the stones hear Her dreaming.

Hazelnuts splash the waters of the sacred pool.
Across countless ages Mother Boann’s love flows.
The salmon are running, or is that their dreaming?

Monoliths, People of Stone, spiral through the years;
Forgotten sentinels, they awaken my yearning.
We are still here; listen, hear again the dreaming.

No moon in the grove tonight keeps me company;
Darkness and stone relentless press me deep. Be still,
Chiya, feel your heart beat; Gaea is still dreaming.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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