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Sometimes living in the present requires
getting lost in the past.

When life comes to a dead end, how do you start anew? Bree MacLeod—wise woman, shaman and Daughter of the goddess Bríghid—desperately needs to know. But she has no idea where to begin.

When a call from an old friend carries her to the ancestral home of clan MacLeod on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, Bree must face the Truth hidden within her name. Haunted by echoes of the past at every turn, Bree has only her Otherworldly Allies and training as a Bean feasa to unlock the secrets of her exile.

For the time has come. Bree must claim the light of her soul or
slumber forever in darkness…

This February, step into the flame of your soul.

Available 23 February 2018 through Amazon.com


Peace and long life… Jennifer


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