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Blessings and greetings!

My apologies for the recent long silence. While I have been writing, the past year has seen me immersed in prose. Mystical and magical, the process is about to come full circle with the birth of my first fiction novel.

Being Here begins the story of Bree MacLeod – wise woman, shaman and Daughter of the goddess Bríghid.

When her aunt and foster-mother falls into a coma of unknown origin, Bree is pulled back to Seattle, the city of her childhood. As the family Bean feasa, Bree must work with her Otherworldly Allies to reach Emily and convince her soul to choose – to make Transition or to return to life on This Side of the Veil. But, being back in Seattle puts her within reach of her uncle, the man from whom Bree fled for her life years ago. Can Bree and her Allies find the way?

Glimpse the world through the eyes of a modern-day shaman. Catch Bree MacLeod and her story on February 10, 2017!




Peace and long life… Jennifer


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Peace and long life… Jennifer

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