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The Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

The horns of the bull cradled the crescent moon;
The daughters of Atlas called us home. Then, deep in
The labyrinth, a hero slew the Mystery.

Potential, Power and Choice interweave. The
Matrix, the Pattern is ever unfolding. Where
some would ask why, we know: it is a Mystery.

Enveloped in darkness and the colors of kin,
Stones of wisdom, heavy, pressing bellies to earth,
We close our eyes, breathe deep and seek the Mystery.

The stories of bards drift on the wind with lyre’s
song. Truth, news and history danced only on lips.
No letters. Words only limit the Mystery.

By firelight the Walkers gather in circle;
The drum pulses in harmony with Mother’s heart;
Freed to the Otherworld, we dance the Mystery.

The streets of Barcelona teem with bulls running;
Stones and stars in Calanais dance the Great Weaving;
Nothing is lost, Chiya. Now, live the Mystery.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Five elements combine in the birthing of life;
Separated from Source in prismatic striving,
Through the dance of humankind they seek reunion.

The hound, the crane, the dragon chase their tails around
The weave. Eight years Earth and Venus dance to complete
The pentagram. Every Turning seeks reunion.

The stones are migrating, cascading down the hill,
Each step releasing history to earth. Their journey –
The dance of memory seeking reunion.

The oak tree still stands. The bark traces rents, sorrows
Once shared. Green leaves sing of freedoms yet to blossom.
In between, I am… Here, now, to seek reunion.

In the grove firelight dances, freeing my soul
To dream with the trees. Our feet tracing the Pattern,
The inner flame awakens and seeks reunion.

Soul parts strewn like bread crumbs, a trail of memories
Jagged as shattered glass. One lifetime to restore
The mosaic. Come home, Chiya; seek reunion.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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