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Change; it is an inherent part of life on Earth. Day after day the sun sets, rises and sets again, and all the while the earth continues its journey. The movement of the earth means the sun sets and rises at different points along the horizon, changing with each passing day. We change with it, dancing through seasons, through years, through cycles of birth, growth and transformation.

Sometimes the right choice is to let go.

Each day we make decisions, choices about who we are and who we are becoming. In each moment we can choose to uphold a pattern already in place or change it. Change often comes as a series of seeming course corrections, a journey across stepping stones to shift from one place or way of being to another.

Other times we must simply start over.

Sometimes the right choice is to let go.


by Jennifer L. Jacoby

What did we lose when Gwion took the wood and Ash
Supplanted Alder? Bran’s head prophesies on; can it
Guide our way home? Night seems darkest before the dawn.

Through out-cast memories Charon steers the boat, His
Pole true as the river Styx weeps. Too many now
Live to forget. Nyx sings deep until Eos rises.

For Galatea and Lethe it hurt too much
To remember, but what is the cost of sleeping?
The cost is us. Night seems darkest before the dawn.

Like Isis we live to gather the pieces and
Reassemble the Love that was lost. The lost Truth:
We are that Love. Nut’s belly must swell to birth Ra.

The Great Wheel maps the path through the Forest; remember,
We ride the Wild Hunt to reach the new year.
Ride on, Chiya. Night seems darkest before the dawn.

Allow the trees harmonious order, embracing
Memory, Mystery and Love. Wisdom waits
In the weeping. The Crone is the door to rebirth.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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