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by Jennifer L. Jacoby

The espresso softly steams, a modern day smudge
Pot, lifting spirits and prayers to heaven. Each
Sip reveals a doorway, an opening to Grace.

Thrice the staff kisses the machair, pulsing the ache
Of the bagpipe’s moan. Incense cascades, a fiery
Blessing. The power comes, awakening Grace.

Legs fold sweetly, easing for lotus. Gently bathed
In breath, the warrior dissolves. Tree blossoms,
Drinking balance. The yogi exhales, opens to Grace.

Images swirl inside the crystal, a dance of
Mist, potential and truth. Deep, toning voices echo
The scrying. Eyes open, awaken to Grace.

Fingers fold, intertwining with care, offering
Shelter in sacred space. The hands form a hollow,
Truly a hallow. Love awakens, sharing Grace.

Snow beyond the window patters. Blankets enfold,
Share an embrace. Chiya, the Sacred is here in
The sharing. Every thing, every moment is Grace.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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