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Summer solstice marks the time of the greatest light. It is the longest day of the year, the day at the height of summer. These are the days of outward focus, of growing, of reaching to become. Here, under the height of the sun’s influence, the crops in the fields are ripening.

Bathe in becoming… awaken in the light.

We, too, are ripening. The sun draws us outward in the season of growing, as potential emerges into manifestation. To fully mature and produce a bountiful harvest, we must drink in the sun’s loving nurture; we must drink in the light.

Bathe in becoming… awaken in the light.

The Light II
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Feet bare to kiss Mother Earth, I walk the spiral,
Lean into Her embrace; the lantern shining with
The star above, She draws me down… into the light.

In temples of stone we followed the sun, danced with
The stars in their turnings… The moon taught us to flow
With the sea and Her tides… We lived in endless light.

Potential dances in the spaces in between…
Dusk and twilight know the beauty of ebbing and
Flowing, teach the grace of drinking darkness and light.

The tribe offered their loving as the hawthorn bloomed,
A gift of fertility to seed the land. Life
Giving life… Creating means “to give to the light”.

Night and day they tended the bonfire, a sacred
Oath for the Daughters of Bríd. From temple to
Hearth fire, they knew… the soul dances in the light.

Hestia holds the hearth fire, the temple
Empty as Olympians fight. Hope needs a hearth to
Return to… Sit here, Chiya, come home to the light.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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