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Come back to the heartbeat; let your light shine.

You are like a star, one light shining in the darkness. Be the light that the Sacred birthed you to be.

 Come back to the heartbeat; let your light shine.


The Heartbeat
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Sun and Moon kiss in deepening twilight, opening
The door; together we sink, bared, in timeless
Surrender, buried in earth to seek the heartbeat.

Blood on the grass… the arrow flew true, pierced armor,
Flesh, heart. The keening wail awakens the dawn, guides
Warrior and soul to rest… home to the heartbeat.

A circle of nine, the oaks ring the knoll, whisper
Their song through the ages. Acorn in hand the woman
Kneels, to seek the Mystery in the heartbeat.

Fires in the quarters illumine the way for
Souls who seek in the night; question and drum echo
The yearning, the pulsating ache of the heartbeat.

Three urns, three women, three faces; three, and the same.
One of water, one of grain, one of healing… one
Voice, one Love, one Wisdom… one resounding heartbeat.

The spiraling path wakes the way of Wisdom, the
Dance of Night, Day and Mystery. You wish to seek?
The door is open; walk, Chiya, with the heartbeat.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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