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The Great Song is singing, calling us to the dance. In each moment, in each heartbeat, in each choice It sings to us, calls to us, opens Its arms to welcome us. As the new moon opens its eye in this turning, the dance is reborn anew.

What do you choose to bring to the dance?

Will you wear the same old dress? The same suit that has danced so many turnings? What about the shoes that you bought so long ago but have kept hidden in your closet? You have yearned quietly to wear them. Is now the time? Are you ready to release the old, the out-worn, and dress yourself completely anew?

The Great Song sings and the Sacred will dance with you as you choose… as you have been, as you are, or as you dream to become. The choice is yours.

What do you choose to bring to the dance?

by Jennifer L. Jacoby

A subtle shift
like the moment
between inhale
and exhale
The deed indefinite
The effect palpable
The consequence
a mystery
yet to be known

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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