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Plans, modern living is full of them. From a young age we begin to plan our future, choosing schools, extra-curricular programs, employment experiences, all in preparation for some day to come. We plan holidays months in advance. Today, most of us walk around with electronic plan-keepers in our pockets.

But how do you plan life? Life is our experience of the Great Unfolding, of the dance of the Sacred as It sings the world into being.  That song sings to us and, like the moon, it ebbs, breathes and flows in its own, unique rhythm as it pours out the potential for creation.

Breathe into the rhythm; find Grace in the Mystery.

The Great Unfolding forms the container for our lives; within it we are free to make choices. We can rail against that container and experience life as hardship. Or, we can choose to work with that container. We can learn to dance with its rhythm; we can listen to its wisdom, and we can make choices in harmony with its ebbing, breathing and flowing. Like mystics of all ages, we can learn to live in the Mystery.

Sing your desire back to the Sacred, then listen… listen for the rhythm of the Sacred singing the potential for you in your becoming… follow the lead of the Sacred, step how that lead guides you, and dance in the Great Unfolding… Breathe into the rhythm; find Grace in the Mystery.

The Mystery
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

The horns of the bull cradled the crescent moon;
The daughters of Atlas called us home. Then, deep in
The labyrinth, a hero slew the Mystery.

Potential, Power and Choice interweave. The
Matrix, the Pattern is ever unfolding. Where
some would ask why, we know: it is a Mystery.

Enveloped in darkness and the colors of kin,
Stones of wisdom, heavy, pressing bellies to earth,
We close our eyes, breathe deep and seek the Mystery.

The stories of bards drift on the wind with lyre’s
song. Truth, news and history danced only on lips.
No letters. Words only limit the Mystery.

By firelight the Walkers gather in circle;
The drum pulses in harmony with Mother’s heart;
Freed to the Otherworld, we dance the Mystery.

The streets of Barcelona teem with bulls running;
Stones and stars in Calanais dance the Great Weaving;
Nothing is lost, Chiya. Now, live the Mystery.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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The dance of our lives unfolds against the backdrop of the great unfolding. The flow of the great unfolding is essential to our lives; it offers the container of what is possible. And yet we often forget that it is there.

We can see the great unfolding in the turning of seasons, the cycle of the moon, the rising and setting of the sun. Seasonal celebrations are one way that we remind ourselves of the dance that is larger than us. But the great unfolding flows with us everyday.

Some traditions offer space for acknowledgement of the great unfolding in their practices of worship. Followers of Judaism, Islam even certain forms of Christianity are called to worship at various times in the dance of a day. Hidden in these moments of prayer is the chance to acknowledge the great unfolding.

Breathe into the moment, and let the Sacred shape you.

When we step back from doing, back to the place where we are being while still holding the awareness of all that is happening in that moment, we touch the liminal. We touch the great unfolding. And in those moments where doing and being coexist, we touch the place of Shaping.

Through this moon turning, take time each day to touch the Shaping. Pause in the doings of your day and step back toward being. Hold in your awareness your own unfolding, then acknowledge the great unfolding in its dance around you. Stand for a moment aware of the flow, awake in the flow and breathing into the flow, let the Sacred shape you.

Blackbird Dreaming
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Moonlight danced upon ancient waters
flowing deeply
between snow-capped mountains
Gazing the view opened
in the eye of the blackbird

Tapestries woven of colors ancient
black, red and white
on the wings of the blackbird

The darkness of midnight
embraces the kiss
awakens to light
with the song of the blackbird

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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