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Creation Dancing
by Jennifer L. Jacoby


Scythes sway with the song of autumn, an ancient dance
Of renewing life. Fruit and grain will carry the
Tribe to spring’s return, on the wings of the Blackbird.

Three colors weave the tapestry, the patterning
Of life. Potential, blood and milky nurture flow
For all with eyes to see… the gift of the Blackbird.

Blood flows upon the earth and a new voice cries, as
Love becomes life. By fire, moon and starlight king,
Clan and tribe rejoice, in the cry of the Blackbird.

Silently She strides across the land, each step a
Caress of Motherly Love. Life giving life, She
Watches Her Love grow, through the eyes of the Blackbird.

Sun and Moon spiral, turning Earth in Their sacred
Dance. Deep in the grove the tribe spirals, drinking Love
As they weave, flowing, with the song of the Blackbird.

Paint streaks my face as the firelight dances; black,
Red and white to open the way. Tonight life becomes
Love. Spread your wings, Chiya; fly with the Blackbird.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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