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Mother Moon closes Her eye and blankets the night in darkness. For three nights She rests, Her eyes closed, Her gaze flowing inward. Listening to the song of Her soul, She gestates in potential.

Close your eyes, rest… drink in potential.

Mother Moon understands the pathways of filling, emptying and resting. She embraces each with ease. The darkness holds no threat for Her. For She understands, possibility awaits in the darkness… the darkness offers rebirth.

Close your eyes, rest… drink in potential.


Soul Walking
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Black – the color of Source, of truest potential…
The darkness of the cave, the mound’s fertile soil,
The womb of midnight… from which all life is reborn.

Snow falls silent, roiling on banshee wails as Beira
Rages to find Her dungeon empty. Brighid
Walks free… beneath the ice snowdrops are blossoming.

Red – the color of blood, of life ever flowing…
The sap of the rowan, the fruit of hawthorn,
The blood of stag birthing, rutting and dying.

Alone in the grove? Never. The trees are family,
Friends. Their wisdom sings me through each Turning, guides
My soul home at journey’s end. We are One… Tree Wise.

White – the color of return, of reunion…
The fierce starkness of bone, moonlight, an elder’s hair
…Where all light dances, converges and releases.

Raven calls: time to remember, time to let fall
All but the truest skin. Remember the trees, the
Light dancing… Chiya, remember the silver thread.



Peace and long life… Jennifer


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