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Bubbles always rise toward the surface of water. To see the bubbles rise, you must first stop thrashing. Then, your pathway to the surface becomes clear.

The current continues to carry the waters of the river back to the sea. To see the current, you must first stop running and splashing. Stand still, and the current reveals itself flowing along your body.

Be still… Breathe… Recognize the flow.

To see the stars, you must turn off the light that blinds. To hear the heartbeat of the earth, you must let go of the noise. Trust in the silence. Trust in the mystery. Trust in the flow.

Be still… Breathe… Recognize the flow.


The Silence Pours
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

The silence pours
through me
a rumbling cascade
of possibility
poured out
into the Universe
I sit
trying to wonder
lost to awe
A yearning hollow
a heart beating
an echo
of the heartbeat of the earth
the heartbeat of the Mother

Peace and long life… Jennifer


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The bones… the remnant that lasts the longest of any lifetime, they remind us of what once was. They whisper to us of what has been. They sing to us the story of that which once had its time but has come to completion.

To those living in the present, the bones offer the wisdom of memory. They bring to each moment the story of what has been tried, what has been learned and what need not be learned again. They gift the freedom to choose, even to choose differently.

It’s about relationship, about right relationship.

For each moment is choice, choice unfolding in relationship. As the past informs the present, singing through the bones the story of choices past and their relationship to the present choice, the present informs the future. Choices made in the present sing to the future their own song of possibility. And singing back to the present, the future offers dreams of what could be.

Like each moment, each choice is a nexus of past, present and future. Holding awareness of these three, listening to their songs and honoring their contributions, choice becomes flow.

It’s about relationship, about right relationship.


You Are Here
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Bonfires once burned upon this hill, illumined
Hope on painted faces. In the stone’s cry the clans
Knew joy: a High King held the center… You are here.

The funeral pyre shattered the autumn sky.
The rain streaked my face, hiding my tears. Even the
Goddess wept for love forever lost… You are here.

Birth is a doorway. One side opens the inward
Path, the return to Source; the other flows outward
Into life. The Goddess waits; you choose… You are here.

Desert sand dances in the wind, turns day to night.
Driven inside, I seek shelter from the wave, as
Sand grains revel, carried to new life… You are here.

A great sea once danced in this valley. Ask the
Mesas; they remember. Those waters etched their faces.
Now the desert sun is their teacher… You are here.

The stone is silent now. No fires light the hill.
The Goddess still waits. Kneeling, I hear the stone’s song
In my heart… Tá, tu anseo — Chiya… You are here.

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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