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Residing on this earth, we are beings of dark and light. Every day we turn with the earth, flowing from the dark of night into the light of day and back into night. Each year carries us through a season of darkness and a season of light. Both dark and light have nurture to offer and, like our cousins the trees, we can drink in nurture from both.

Trees stand on the earth, rooted through the cycles of dark and light. They cannot choose when they are in dark or in light. Unlike humans, they cannot get up and move from sunlight to shade or from shade to sunlight. They must receive the gift of each experience as it comes to them.

Embrace the beauty of dark and light; remember the wisdom of the trees.

When trees stand in the light, they drink in the light. Absorbing the sun’s radiance, the trees begin their dance of photosynthesis. Combining that dance with nutrients and water drawn up through their roots from the darkness of the earth, trees create energy and oxygen out of sunlight. Then, when trees stand in the dark, they use the energy created to grow.

Embrace the beauty of dark and light; remember the wisdom of the trees.

By Jennifer L. Jacoby

The Goddess breathes, offering life. Her inhale, our
Exhale… Her exhale, our inhale… In oxygen
Her gift is revealed, a sacred dance with the trees.

From the pool below flow the waters, rivers of
Rain to nourish the earth. To become, life branches,
Reaching for the light. The universe is a tree.

Birch opens the birthing. Rowan offers sacred
Shelter. Oak gifts strength. Willow flows to the Mother.
Koad reminds that Wisdom is written in the trees.

The grove was our temple, a microcosm of
The world. We danced the turnings of moon, sun and stars.
We dreamt. We loved. At peace we lived amongst the trees.

The river of blood flows, coursing through eons; each
Branch reveals a name, a lifetime in becoming.
I am the last of my kind, the end of this tree.

No beginning and no ending, only ever
Spiraling flow. This is the Way of the Goddess.
Drink in the rain, Chiya; learn to dream from the trees.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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