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Good ingredients can make a good stew… when combined together in the right amounts and cooked appropriately. Everything in right relationship… it is as true for ourselves in living and being, as in creating.

Love is the foundation. Align with Love, awaken Truth.

Love is the fundamental vibration. Love brings ingredients into relationship, sets them to simmer and frees their deepest flavors. If we let it, Love can restore right relationship and awaken us to the creative power of being.

Love is the foundation. Align with Love, awaken Truth.


The Celtic Way
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Sing a song
of sweetness
the yearning
of your soul
Sing a song
to raise
the dawn
and heal
the tears of old



Peace and long life… Jennifer



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Peace… it is a word whispered in hope, even an icon for a way of life. Some describe peace as stillness, as the absence of movement or change, as stasis. But through the lens of the Great Unfolding, peace is the outcome of right relationship.

The fire of life must burn. Its light activates the darkness, awakens potential into becoming. The fire also offers warmth to invigorate and vitalize.  Its flame sparks the dance that is the Great Unfolding. Like a cook fire for a pot of stew, should the flame burn too hotly, the stew will cook too fast, become scorched as the liquid is consumed and the contents toughen. Should the flame burn too little, the stew will never cook, the ingredients remaining raw and cold. When the flame burns just hotly enough to offer the right amount of heat to cook the contents of the stew – this is the place of right relationship.

The Norse tradition would call this Jera, the act of doing things in the correct order and at the appropriate time that yields beneficial bounty in harmony with self, nature and Sacred. Jera means doing only what is needed, no more, no less. It means consuming only the needed amount, no more, no less. Jera is a way of Ahimsa, of doing no harm, of acting in harmony with the Great Unfolding. Some call it being in the flow. Others call it peace… Peace is the outcome of right relationship.

Verse 37, “The Second Book of the Tao”
by Stephen Mitchell

Though the Master does nothing,
her not-doing is the opposite of inaction.
Because she acts without effort,
each task does itself, in its own time.
Her body may move or not move,
but her mind is always at ease.


Peace and long life… Jennifer

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The Sacred Three… Mother, Father and Creator… you can name them, can feel their energies flowing in the world around you. They are distinct, like the energies of each full moon; yet, at the same time, the Three are One.

You are a child of the Sacred Three, born of the Great Love-Making, the sacred dance of Mother, Father and Creator. You have been gifted a body that pulsates with the rhythm of that Love-Making. Close your eyes for a moment; sink into your heart and touch that sacred rhythm. It is there, singing to you. Every day, every moment, the Love of the Sacred sings to you in each beat of your heart.

The earth too is born of the Great Love-Making, is a child of the Sacred Three. Like you, the earth has a sacred pulsation, a heartbeat of sacred love. It beats with a rhythm that seems slower, deeper than yours, but it is there. You can hear that sacred rhythm. It beats just beyond the rhythm of your own heart.

You can find harmony between your heartbeat and the heartbeat of the earth. So too you can find harmony between the rhythm of your heart and the heartbeat of the Sacred. The path to that sacred harmony is inside of you. It is there, in the beating of your own heart.

Heartbeat of the human heart, heartbeat of the earth, heartbeat of the Sacred… Three distinct rhythms, each unique in their fullness; yet, at the same time, the Three are One.

The One
by Jennifer L. Jacoby

Deep within you
springs the well
The sacred font
from which all flows
like water over stone
the blessed song
of love

Peace and long life… Jennifer

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